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Controlling Your Acid Reflux Once And For All (Audio & eBook)

Controlling Your Acid Reflux Once And For All (Audio & eBook)

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"After Years of Suffering, the Day Has Finally Arrived: Become the Boss of Your Acid Reflux and Incinerate the Pain that Has Kept You From Enjoying the Foods and Activities You Love So Much!" 


Even if it Feels Like it Has Burned a Hole Through Your Chest, the Cures that We're About to Discuss Have the Power to Restore Your Tender Throat and Stomach to Those 'Iron-Solid" Days You've Been Longing For...


From:  Rich PLR


Dear friend,


I want you to close your eyes and imagine this scenario:


"You grab a big, juicy burger, take a delicious bite...


... and 30 minutes later you're paying for it as the sour stomach acid spurts into your throat, burning your esophagus, and while your heartburn rages like a fire out of control!


Now, let me ask you something.


Remember those days when you could eat ANY foods you wanted.


And you didn't think twice about it.


Not a pain in the world.


But now, things are a lot different, right?


Admit it...


Acid Reflux Was Probably the LAST Thing on Your Mind.


That's why I've got no doubt that by reading this page today, you're ready to quit living - and eating - in FEAR, and enjoy life to its care-free fullest.


Obviously, if you've been longing to eliminate the source of all your excruciating suffering once and for all, then there's no reason for you NOT to give me just a few minutes of your time so that I can teach you exactly how to do so today.


There isn't, is there?


I hope not anyway!


Because I promise you, when we go through the mind-blowing material that I've prepared for you, you'll soon realize that it will be the MOST valuable time you ever spend with a body of words.


You know, other people may treat it like a joke...


But I know just how excruciating it can be to experience acid reflux.


There's NO Joke About It!


I probably don't have to remind you about the sickly taste in your mouth or the stinging sensation you experience in your throat every time you suffer a nasty bout of acid reflux.


So you might be shocked to hear that acid reflux doesn't always "strike alone!"


That's right - those unbearable burps and other symptoms could be hiding one of many dangerous underlying conditions that are commonly associated with acid reflux, and we don't want that... do we?




Which is why on top of all the cures and remedies that I've got lined up for you, you'll also discover some startling dangers that even the simplest acid reflux can pose to your health.


That includes a LIFE-threatening form of cancer that's almost impossible to treat.


And that's no joking matter, is it?


Which is why I thought I'd bring this to your attention.


Because yes, the information contained within this book WILL give you the power to rid yourself of acid reflux once and for all, but before you can take those essential first-steps to relief, you need to familiarize yourself with what they are.


Here's a Complete Breakdown of Everything You'll be Picking Up Today When You Download Your Own Treasured Copy of "Controlling Your Acid Reflux Once And For All:"


  • From the tips of your teeth to the bottom of your stomach and beyond, discover the 7 debilitating conditions that leave almost no digestive organs unharmed!


  • Turn to page 7 to learn about how the 4 major functions of your digestive system work in synergy to digest the food you eat, and how this efficient "chain-reaction" gets interrupted and causes the searing, burning acid reflux you are all too familiar with!


  • But if you turn to page 12, I'll disclose the 5 most commonly diagnosed digestive disorders that accompany acid reflux, along with the treatment information you must know to eradicate them completely!


  • Whether it's brought on by a spicy, heavy meal or stress at work, heartburn is the bastard child of acid reflux that affects virtually everyone. But on page 16, I'll reveal the NUMBER ONE cause of most cases of heartburn as well as the 4 other most common causes that can be TOTALLY controlled by you!


  • If you're ready to put a stop to these painful attacks once and for all, turn to page 18, where I'll reveal the 11 symptoms of heartburn... and if you experience ANY of these 6 dead-serious symptoms disclosed on page 19, you need to get a doctor ASAP!


  • Everything you put in your mouth matters when it comes to controlling acid reflux, and on page 23, I'll reveal the drinks, fruits, vegetables and meats that can be the direct CAUSE of your acid reflux.


  • We'll also go through the expert methods used by countless acid reflux sufferers to control their symptoms WITHOUT giving up the foods they love!


  • Time and time again, acid reflux sufferers fail to control their flare-ups because they fail to control their eating habits, but if you trust in my custom-designed, super-simple Food and Acid Reflux Diary detailed on page 28, you'll never have to worry about keeping track of your foods or flare-ups ever again - the diary practically does it for you!


  • Obesity is an epidemic that affects over 60% of Americans, and while you're probably thinking, "What does being overweight have to do with it?," if you flip to page 30, I'll unveil an eye-opening, endless scroll of diseases that are directly affected by weight - and the disgusting, devastating TRUTH about what it means for your acid reflux!


  • This filthy habit exposed on page 38 is practiced EVERYDAY by millions of ignorant people around the globe, and in a shocking recent medical study, it was discovered that people who practice this habit are 70% more likely to experience acid reflux! Find out what it is, how it could be making your acid reflux unnecessarily worse, and how to protect yourself from its unforgiving health consequences - all on page 38!


  • Without a doubt, you've probably heard about - and felt! - the connection between stress and acid reflux, and on page 43, I'll expose the truth behind stress and its sinister ability to intensify your acid reflux to excruciating levels you don't even want to THINK about!


  • From the primitive human quirk that causes this unpleasant marriage to a startlingly simple solution that you can do almost ANYTIME of the day no matter how busy, experience soothing relief in less than 30 minutes from now! You'll find out how when you open your copy up.


  • If you truly are ready to kick that scorching stomach acid back down where it belongs, then you absolutely MUST turn to page 46, where I'll shed light on the 5 most common stressors that are adding the "fuel to the fire," following-up with 3 ridiculously easy solutions that are practically guaranteed to make you forget all about them!


  • Sorting through the supermarket's endless selection of Antacids to find a legitimate cure can be like digging for a needle in a haystack. But before you pop a single antacid tablet or syrup, you MUST direct your attention to page 48, where my no-holds-barred "Special Report" is sure to stir controversy within the billion-dollar antacids industry!


  • I'll uncover the truth behind these deceptively simple remedies, including the chemical combination to look for in a legitimate product and the 5 little known, but potentially deadly side effects the greedy medicine marketers DON'T want you to know about!


  • I can't believe that these antacids are sold over-the-counter, especially when they have been identified by medical scientists for causing potentially devastating interactions against 4 life-saving drugs!


  • Also, you won't want to miss the stunning truth about how antacids can actually stop your guts up like a sludge-filled motor-engine, making your acid reflux even WORSE!


  • If you'd like to take control of your searing acid reflux and return to those days when you could eat your favorite foods without worry, then my exclusive "10 Step-Cure" revealed on page 52 will hold your hand on the way to a life free of those corrosive burps of stomach acid...and most unbelievable of all, these steps are startlingly simple to follow by ANYONE!


  • ...And you can't afford to miss the 7 Golden Lifestyle Changes detailed on page 60 that are praised by acid reflux recoverers high and low!


They're Practically Right In Front of Your Nose,

and Best Of All, None of Them Cost a PENNY!


So what are you waiting for?


I mean, here I've laid out everything in such a format that not only can you download it to your desktop in less than a minute's time from now, but more importantly - you can UNDERSTAND and COMPREHEND it better than ever.


It's no good having to sift through dozens of different guides and leaflets (or ask your doctor) to get this range of advice and information in your hands.


It obviously makes more sense to read it from the comfort of your favorite chair.


And that's exactly what we do in "Controlling Your Advice Reflux Once and For All" - spoon-feed you many different methods and strategies for combating your condition in an easy to read, "easily-digestible" way.


Like I said before - medicine is not the ONLY cure.


Yes, my book debunks all the myths about medicines and does go through each of them in detail, but there are handfuls upon handfuls of alternative, "healthier" ways for those who do not want to ingest pharmaceuticals.


You Simply Choose Which Method is Right For You!


Because what might work for one person, may not work for another.


For instance, you may have tried out different methods to rid yourself of acid reflux, but none have worked. On the other hand, the friend who told you about them had great success with them.


See what I'm talking about?


So the only real way you can get a professional, unbiased breakdown of EVERYTHING you could need, want or have to know - is by downloading your very own copy of "Controlling Your Advice Reflux Once and For All."


Actually, to be perfectly honest with you, there is one other way.


That is, if you can get your doctor to cancel all his appointments for the rest of the day and go through in detail for EVERY type of cure, including answering even the most burning questions you can think of.


Highly unlikely, don't you think?


And these days what does it cost to see a private doctor for that long?


A Heck of a Lot, Compared to the Investment You'll be Making in Yourself and Your Health Today When You Get This Book - Without the Need to See a Doctor Ever Again (for Acid Reflux)!


For just $9.95 (yes, a small price to pay when you consider how quickly you'll be back on track to live life to the fullest again!) you can ensure that one copy of "Controlling Your Advice Reflux Once and For All" is yours to keep.


All it takes, is a little will power.


And consider the excruciating pain that you must be going through when you get the symptoms - I would think that THAT is will power enough.


But at the end of the day, it is down to you.


Do you want to rid yourself of this illness today?


Or do you want to continue to suffer for years to come - with the risk of an underlying condition hiding underneath the surface of acid reflux.


$29.95 is not asking much when you think about the amount you'll be spending on medications and other treatments between now and just a month down the road.


The choice is yours.


All it takes is a click (it is there if you want it!)...


Click here immediately to be taken to our secure order form.


Oh and by the way - probably most important of all - IF you can't seem to agree with me that this book is worth AT LEAST TEN TIMES your investment today, then I urge you to enforce your GOD given rights (below) -->


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


--> Here's My Personal Promise To You: Between Now and the Next 58 Days, You Fall in Love With Your Copy of "Controlling Your Acid Reflux Once and For All" or You Get a Full and Prompt Refund - No Questions Asked!


If for any reason at all you change your mind about ordering now; you think your investment of $29.95 isn't justifiable; or you've just found something better (or for less) - I'll promptly and courteously refund every penny of your money.


No conditions, no questions asked, and definitely no hard feelings.


You'll got a full 58 days to test out everything mentioned in the book, and if there's something you don't like (even if it's the color of the font!) then it is within your god given right to an immediate, quibble-free refund.


Even if it's the 59th minute of the 23rd hour of the 57th day.


And, as a way of showing my appreciation for taking the time to test drive my methods and techniques, I'll let you keep your copy FOREVER (whether you ask for a refund or not) - just for having faith in me.


That's how confident I am in the material that I prepared especially for you. In fact, you were just the person I was thinking of when I was putting this incredible resource together.


And finally, I respect your integrity and honesty, so I believe that you won't take advantage of me by trying to pull a "freebie" on me.


Even if you could get away it ;)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hope to see you soon :)


Looking forward to your success story,


Rich PLR


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


P.S. # 1 - You know, the money-grubbing antacid companies are going to wring my neck when they see that I've revealed the dozens of alternative treatments. Pills are definitely NOT the only remedies for acid reflux! I'll dispel the myths and expose the facts so that you can make your own decision. It's simple.


P.S. # 2 - If you'd rather continue tip-toeing around your favorite foods and eating bland slop in fear of those dreaded flare-ups, that's fine with me.


But I'd be willing to bet that even that 'nursing home' diet hasn't managed to completely ward off the 'a word.'


But if you ARE ready to make progress -- if you are ready to TOTALLY and ABSOLUTELY eradicate your acid reflux for the last time and retain the ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods, then the decision you make after reading this sentence could determine the quality of the rest of your life!