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Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

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Do You Have an Overweight Child?

Did you know that 1 in every 5 children in the U.S are considered obese?

The entire world population of children and teens who are obese is reaching epidemic proportions!

Don’t Put YOUR Child at Risk - Get the Answers You Need – TODAY!


Does this sound familiar?

You’re pulling into the school parking lot just as the bell is ringing.  It just so happens that this is the day you are taking your daughter to the pediatrician for her annual checkup. 

Normally, she rides the bus to the sitter but today you’ve taken the time off from a hectic work schedule to take her to the appointment. 

As your eyes scan the crowd looking for your daughter, you overlook a small group of kids who seem to be surrounding one child.  Suddenly, you jerk back and realize the child being teased is your daughter.

For a moment you are frozen in place as you watch her burst into tears and try to get away.  But the group of bullies is intent on pursuing their line of torment.  Finally, you jump to action releasing your seatbelt while swinging open the door of your car.

As you run toward the group you hear the taunting, “fatty, fatty. . .” omigod. . .suddenly you are eight years old again and you’re plunged into your own nightmare.  But that’s a different story for another time.

One of the bullies sees you coming and alerts the others.  Just as you arrive they are suddenly gone leaving your daughter sobbing.  You wrap your arms around her and do your best to console.

It isn’t until you are back in the car, your daughter safely strapped in the back seat that you begin to berate yourself.  “Why didn’t I see it coming?”  There were signs: too much fast food, pizza is such a simple meal on a busy weeknight. 

What’s a parent to do?

The first thing to do is to stop beating yourself up.  The past is gone and all you can do is plan for the future.

As unfortunate as it sounds, we are raising a second and third generation of overweight children.  It’s only recently that some school districts are recognizing the problem and adjusting their school lunch programs accordingly.

But is that enough?  No, not by half!  Part of the problem is that we have placed our children on the same stressed out schedule that we are on.  They eat constantly from morning until bedtime.  That might not be all bad but they are eating the wrong foods!

Getting the answers

Now there is a source for getting the answers.  “A Guide to Childhood Obesity” has all the information you need.  Take a look at what’s inside:


  • Diagnosing childhood obesity – These standards are quite different for children as opposed to adults so you do need the research on this
  • How we are damaging our children – No one would intentionally harm their kids but that is exactly what is happening. Find out why.
  • Getting started on the right track – Sometimes the key is to just BEGIN. Discover how to create a food dynamic that helps the entire family.
  • Planning healthy meals.
  • Ordering off of a menu – Learn how to select “where to eat” and how to make proper selections from a restaurant menu.
  • Sometimes “labeling” can be healthy – Find out how to read the nutrition labels on food rather than ignoring them.
  • Get moving – Learn what kind of physical education your child gets at school – if any.
  • Make it a family affair - how to set up your own PE family program and make it fun!
  • When surgery is an option - This is pretty drastic and not the first step for any parent. But it is worthy of discussion.
  • Where does it hurt – Emotional scars can be just as devastating as physical ones.
  • When counseling is in order – a frank discussion of the pros and cons.
  • Keeping it off - Plus ten tips to cut fat from the family diet!


Remember incident at the schoolyard?  That should be motivation enough to spare your child that kind of abuse. 

Take off the rose colored glasses and look at child as objectively as you can.  Is she overweight?  Does he qualify as obese?

You won’t have those answers until you read “A Guide to Childhood Obesity.”  Spare your child the embarrassment of going through an incident like the one we described above.

Sometimes we are so close to a situation that we can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.  You can’t help your child to recover from obesity unless you understand the problem.

Get your copy today and one day your child will thank you. Do it now!