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Child Care for the Busy Parent (Audio & eBook)

Child Care for the Busy Parent (Audio & eBook)

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Everything You Need To Know To Raise Happy, Healthy Children…

“I Was An Educated Failure At Finding Quality Child Care While Short On Time (But I’m A Child Care Expert Now!)”



Everything YOU Need To Know To Find Quality Care For Your Child… Without Compromising Time Or Quality


Finding the right childcare for your kids is one of the most daunting tasks you’ll face as a parent. Most parents report childcare issues are among the most trying but also most important decisions they make.

The rising cost of childcare and lack of support for parents searching for just the right care makes the entire process of supporting children exhausting at times.

Are you determined to find quality childcare for your children, but too busy to take the time to review all your choices? Then you have finally reached the right place to start your search.

Are you interested in finding quality care, but concerned about the costs associated with care? If so, we can help you find the right childcare option for your family regardless of your budget. Did you know…



The Average Parent Will Spend 7-10% Of Their Income On Childcare For Older Children, But Up To 25% For Children Under 5…


Aside from the costs associated with finding good childcare, most parents find they simply don’t have the time. These days one or both parents must work full-time, making childcare selection a difficult task.

Parents must take time from work to visit childcare centers, meet with teachers or interview potential nanny candidates to care for their children. If you factor the time spent away from work looking for the right childcare, you could spend up to 30% of your income or more in a single year.

And that’s just for one child!

Finding quality childcare without spending hours reviewing various programs can take loads of time. I spent nearly 6 long months looking for childcare for my newborn. Not only do you have to decide the type of facility that will work best for your family, you also have to factor in budgetary constraints and your child’s personality and interests.

Most parents are too busy to spend hours visiting various childcare centers or exploring their childcare options. How do you know if the traditional daycare is better for your child than in-home care? Is a nanny really the best choice for your family?

Aside from the actual process of finding childcare, many new parents are bogged down by feelings of guilt for leaving their child in care. Some parents, including those that travel frequently, have concerns over separation anxiety.

Other parent’s worry their child will “forget” them because of their long work hours and time spent away from home.

If you are:

  • Looking for information on the different types of childcare currently available so you can save time deciding the right type of childcare for your family.
  • Interested in saving time and money finding quality childcare for your family.
  • Short on time and money but interested in investing the best for your children and frustrated by the many choices you have to decide from.
  • Someone with limited resources when it comes to childcare, but in need of an affordable and sensible option.
  • Someone who cares about their child, and wants to learn new ways of bonding with their child even while away or when traveling.
  • A parent looking for ways to overcome separation anxiety, without the guilt normally associated with leaving one’s child in care.
  • Someone interested in an unbiased, factual review of the childcare possibilities currently available for your child…

You’ve landed in just the right place. We’ll get right to the point without beating around the bush.


Child Care For The Busy Parent is the single most comprehensive, factual and up-to-date guide available for busy parents interested in learning all there is to know about childcare for their children.

Whether you are a first-time parent or an expert parent looking for new and more affordable choices for your children, Child Care For The Busy Parent provides all the information you need and more.

Child Care For The Busy Parent is more than a book on child care however. It teaches parents skills, tools and techniques they can use to resolve common issues including separation anxiety.

If you or your partner travels frequently, this book is a must have. Make sure you take the time to learn how to bond with your child without the guilt normally associated with leaving children in someone else’s care for extended periods.

Still not convinced? Here is a preview of what you’ll get when you invest in this one-of-a-kind guide, compiled with parents, by parents and for parents…



Chapter 1 – When Both Parents Work

Most of the time one or both parents have to work. This leaves families with children in search of high quality care for their children at a reasonable cost. This section will review the various types of care and prices associated with each. You don’t have to search, we do the work for you.

  • Learn more about the different types of childcare services currently available.
  • Find out what the difference is between traditional daycare centers and home based centers.
  • Discover the best choices for preschool age children or those entering pre-kindergarten.
  • Find out what choices are available for school age children.
  • Learn what Montessori is and how it may help your children grow and develop.
  • Discover how to distinguish good centers from bad ones quickly and easily.


Chapter 2 – Practical Tips For Busy Parents

You love your child but you are always on the go. How do you find time to bond with your child when out of town or working overtime? The tips in this chapter will help you save time and still bond with your child in a loving and compassionate way.

  • Discover ways to bond with your children even if you are away at work most of the day.
  • Discover the top 2 strategies every parent must adopt to spend more quality time with their children.
  • Learn how you can be with your child even while you are away working, so they don’t feel deprived or neglected.
  • Learn how to become a strategic partner with your child’s center, so you can stay involved in your child’s life and your child’s well-being.


Chapter 3 – Tips for the Forgotten Spouse

Does your partner travel frequently? Often parents that are gone for more than a few days feel forgotten. Fortunately, your partner can still feel very much a part of your family with the tools provided in this segment. Learn how to include your partner in your child’s life no matter how far away, or how often they travel

  • Learn how to bond with your children if you are away frequently, whether for travel or when working long shifts.
  • Learn how parents staying at home can help children bond with their often missing parent, so the spouse that travels doesn’t feel forgotten.
  • Learn the top 2 ways kids can stay connected with parents that are frequently away on business.


Chapter 4 – How To Stay In Touch With School Age Children

Once children start school, many parents start feeling out of touch with their kids. Just because your children are school aged doesn’t mean you have to lose touch. Learn how to remain close to your school age children by following the guidelines in this chapter.

  • Discover how to stay in touch with your child even when they reach school age, so you continue to bond with your children as they grow.
  • Find out why flexible scheduling can make the difference between a good relationship and an average one.
  • Learn how setting kid dates can impact your children positively and help you bond with your child even when your schedule feels over busy.
  • Learn what mini vacations are and how they can help your family stay connected.
  • Find out how to connect with your child’s teacher so you are still an active participant in their education, even while working long hours.


Chapter 5 – What To Do When Your Child Feels Forgotten

It isn’t uncommon for children to feel “lost” in the day-to-day shuffle of events. This chapter will provide you with vital information so you can prevent forgotten child syndrome and help your child realize your love and affection for them.

  • Find out how to avoid forgotten child syndrome so your child doesn’t feel neglected while you are away working long hours.
  • Learn what key strategies you can take to minimize separation anxiety in young and older children.
  • Discover the #1 strategy for making your children feel loved and respected when you must miss an important event in their lives.
  • Find out why making promises may devastate your relationship with your child.


Chapter 6 – Quality Time With Kids

What quality time is may depend on who you talk to. Learn what quality time really is and how you can maximize the time you spend with your children in this simple, easy to read chapter.

  • Learn what “quality” time really is and how you can easily incorporate quality time into the busiest schedule.
  • Discover the top 3 strategies for spending time with your kids even while busy.
  • Learn why doing too much can mean less to your child than doing too little.
  • Find out subtle ways to uncover what your child really needs from you to feel loved and protected while you are away.

As if that weren’t enough, we’ll provide you a FAQ and Resources guide where you can link to some of the leading child care agencies and information centers throughout the globe.

Childcare is a number one priority for most parents. We recognize that parents need a simple and up-to-date source that will provide them all the information and resources they need to find quality childcare but also learn valuable tips for remaining close to their children.

That’s why, for a limited time, we are offering our comprehensive guide, Child Care For The Busy Parent, for the low introductory price of just $19.95.

That’s a bargain if you compare it to the price you’d pay searching for the information provided in each of these chapters individually. There is no price you can place on forging a lifelong bond with your children.

You can’t place a price on quality childcare. You also can’t place a price on your child’s welfare. As a parent, we know how hard it is to juggle the demands of a busy work schedule, and still find time to enjoy your children.

More than anything else, your children want to form a strong bond with you. They want your love and attention. They want to communicate with you in ways you’ll never believe. Find out how you can form the bond you want with your child without compromising their well-being. You CAN do it, no matter how busy!!

Are you willing to sacrifice your relationship with your child for a few bucks? If not, then its time to invest in your child’s future. Child Care For The Busy Parent is the only guide of its kind, guaranteed to provide you all the tools  you need to raise happy and healthy children.


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Remember, every year thousands of children are left neglected. Their parents are too busy to find the right childcare option, or too busy to bond with their children. Don’t let that happen to you.

You can juggle the demands of work, and still find a quality childcare alternative without compromising your relationship with your child… or your child’s health and well being.

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