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Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

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“Can You Hear Me Now?” “Can You Hear Me Now?” “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss


Are you one of those people who refuse to admit that you have a hearing problem?

Are you tired of asking friends and family to repeat what they have just spoken to you?

Is your television or radio cranked up to sound barrier breaking decibels just so you can hear the program?

It’s sad but true that many of the “baby boomers” are far from hearing “booms” even when they are right in front of them.

It’s okay.  We are a vain generation and probably one of the first to live longer than any generation before us.  You may even remember your parents constantly chiding you to “turn down the stereo!”

We are also probably the first generation to live with headphones constantly protruding from our ears.  Can you remember how exciting it was when you were finally able to take your music with you anywhere?

It’s a toss-up on whether we’ve actually done our kids any favors by teaching them how to glide through life looking like they have a “borg implant” sticking from one ear or the other.

The sad thing is that with all our technology we’ve created a real monster and caused serious damage to our bodies as a result.  Hearing loss is no longer considered a malady of the “elderly.”

It can strike anyone, anytime and at any age.  Little do our youngsters realize how even a small amount of hearing loss can derail a career path.  

This was brought home emphatically to a young man who was set on a career as a submariner.  He joined the Navy and reported for boot camp. 

Within one short week he learned that his right ear had sustained enough hearing loss that he would not be able to pursue his dream and was literally washed out of the service he had coveted so highly.

He was just 21 years old!

It no longer matters how old or young you are.  It doesn’t matter where you fall on the socio-economic scale.  Nationality, race and ethnicity are all non-discriminatory.  Hearing loss is a real problem. 

There is good news however.  Some of the very technology that robbed our hearing is also able to provide some answers and positive inroads in hearing devices are growing by leaps and bounds.

“Can You Hear Me Now - Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss” has come along at just the right time with the answers you need to questions that you may not have even thought about yet.

How much hearing loss is too much?

As far as we’re concerned ANY hearing loss is too much!  You can get the answers to that question as well as learn everything you need to know in order to make your own decisions about your personal hearing inside of “Can You Hear Me Now - Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss”

Learn all about:

  • How the Ear Works. A clear explanation of exactly how your ears process sound to your brain.
  • Do You Have Usher Syndrome? Discover the risk factors and whether genetics plays a part in this disease.
  • Vision and Hearing Loss. Who would have thunk it? Can vision provide clues about hearing and hearing loss? We answer that for you.
  • We may have previously shown a bit of levity about the causes of hearing loss but the truth is the causes are as varied as the people who experience the loss.

    Research was pretty much ignored until the 1900’s.  Prior to that period no one treated it seriously.  Thankfully, that has changed for the better. 

    Some of the strides in the hearing segment of the medical community are absolutely remarkable.  Our grandparents should have had the resources available to them that we have nowadays.

    In of “Can You Hear Me Now - Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss” we expose you to some of the wonderful technological advances that you can take advantage of.

    Did you know that in just hearing aids alone, there are numerous types and styles to choose from?  They range from those that are worn behind the ear, in the ear canal and some even on the body!

    What are you waiting for?  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!  Take the bull by the horns. There is absolutely zero reason to continue struggling just to carry on a simple conversation. 

    You CAN enjoy movies, television, concerts and all the other enjoyable activities that you’ve allowed to fall by the wayside because you just couldn’t hear them any longer.

    There is every reason to grab your copy of of “Can You Hear Me Now - Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss” and begin enjoying life again no matter what your age!

    There is also ZERO RISK!

    The information contained in “Can You Hear Me Now - Your Personal Guide to Dealing With Hearing Loss” will change your life for the better and we Guarantee it 100%! If you are not satisfied we will refund your money – no questions asked.

    We doubt that this will be necessary, however.  There is no need to live with hearing loss one minute longer!  Eliminate it once and for all.  Do it now!