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Beauty 101 (Audio & eBook)

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“Do I Look Good in This?”

Do You Envy Women Who Look Well Put Together and Wish You Could Do the Same?

Do You Suspect Your Appearance is Holding You Back from Job Opportunities or Relationships?

Wonder No More! Find Out the Secrets to Personal Beauty that Will Make YOU Smile Every Time You Look in the Mirror!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Ladies,

It's true that women put a lot of pressure on themselves to look good, but whether you enjoy spending a great deal of time and attention on your appearance or wish you could just roll out of bed and spend the day in your PJ's, you have to make decisions about your appearance every day and these decisions can make a huge impact on yourself and others.

No matter what your tastes or your budget, it's easy to create a routine that works for you and helps you face the day with confidence and optimism. There's nothing like a glance in the mirror on your way out the door to set the tone of your day - so why not find out the secrets to stepping out in style? All you need is some simple advice...

 “How Important is Appearance?”

According to a poll by Yankelovich Partners Inc., for the CTFA, 7 out of 10 Americans (and 8 out of 10 women) state that clothing, hair and makeup are very, or extremely important for women on the job and their confidence. They relate it directly to getting promotions, responsibilities and paychecks. So what are you doing to make the BEST impression and FEEL great about yourself?

Looking your best is an investment in yourself. You don't need to compete with others, but you owe it to yourself to take pride in your appearance. If you've allowed a busy schedule, raising children or lack of interest to prevent you from creating a healthy beauty routine NOW is the TIME to find out how easy it can be!

Five minutes in the morning or an hour a day - your routine is up to you but knowing the basics of good grooming and physical appearance will help you make the RIGHT decisions. All you need is...

 "Beauty 101 - Basic Guide to Appearance Enhancement”

Whether you are a fashonista, bohemian or couch potato - your appearance is yours alone to determine and create. What you decide to do with your look can accentuate your individuality or help you develop a more conservative style. Either way, your choices need to reflect an image you can be proud of.

So what will it take? Hours of beauty training? Hiring consultants? Gym fees or expensive spa treatments? No - all you need is to learn a few secrets...

Beauty 101 Basic Guide to Appearance Enhancement…

    • Cosmetics - How to Pick the Right Colors and Applications for You
Is your cosmetic routine stuck in a rut? Old colors and wrong applications can make you look dated or unwell - find out what colors and applications will help you look your best.  
    • Fitness - Building a More Beautiful You
Fitness comes in many forms, but a healthier you will always be a more beautiful you. Where should you start?  
    • Surgery - Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?
Some things we can't change, others take huge commitments - are you willing to make sacrifices to change them or learn to love what you have?  
    • Clothing - How to Dress for Your Body Shape
Just because something is 'in style' doesn't mean it works for you. Find out the classic ways to address your body type and enhance your figure with the clothing you choose.  
  • Posture and Poise - How to Make the Best Impression with Body Language Want to look like you lost a few pounds in a few seconds? Find out the secrets of posture and poise and the huge changes such a simple technique can make.  
  • Diet - What Effect Diet Has on Your Looks
  • Ever heard "you are what you eat"? How is your current diet affecting your health and appearance? What changes can you realistically make?  
  • Hair - How to Find the Right Style, Cut and Color
  • Hair styles change all the time - has yours? Do you know what styles and color will make you look brighter, younger and current?   
  • Skin - Key Steps for Beautiful Skin    
  • Beautiful skin is a feature anyone can flaunt. If you desire a healthy glow, start here.  
  • Nails - Steps for Basic Care and Stunning Presentation
  • Nails may be utensils to you, but to others they can speak volumes about your care and attention to detail. Find out the secrets to having great nails.  
  • Teeth - How to Get a Brighter, Straighter Smile    
  • Want to see a dramatic change in your appearance? Start with your teeth and watch how your new smile opens doors!  
  • Hair Removal - the Best Methods for Smooth, Bare Skin
  • It's a hassle, but for a clean appearance you need to address hair removal and do it the right way.  
  • Beauty and the Beast - What Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Have you been a victim of some of these beauty misdemeanors? Find out now -  before someone else tells you!  
  • Professional Care - When and Who to See for Professional Beauty Treatments
  • Some treatments are best left to the professionals. Which ones, and where should you go?
    What You’ll Also Get...  
  • Do-it-Yourself - Easiest Beauty Routines You Can Do Yourself
  • Don't waste money on these beauty treatments when you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home! Find out more...  
  • Homemade Products - High Quality Beauty Treatments You Can Make in the Kitchen
  • Don't have time to hit the store, or looking for something different and wonderful to add to your routine? Just go to the kitchen!

 “Can Your Appearance Change Your Life?”

Depending on what you're doing now, and what changes you'll make after reading this information, you may very well see some dramatic changes in your life. Career, relationships, everyday activities...whether it's because others see you differently or because your new confidence helps you get what you want - you just never know! 

Taking pride in yourself enough to take care of yourself is well worth the effort you put into it. Whether it's a big change or just fine tuning - you'll give your spirits a lift and put a bounce in your step once you see the effects of these simple routines!

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Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

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P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Beauty 101 - Basic Guide to Appearance Enhancement' means one more day of not feeling your very best and letting that affect your life. If you desire a greater appreciation for yourself (and wouldn't mind a few compliments along the way), get your copy of  'Beauty 101 - Basic Guide to Appearance Enhancement' Today.