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Are You Killing Your Kidneys

Are You Killing Your Kidneys

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This Group of “Stones” Is Definitely Not a Fun-filled Rock Concert!

No, it isn’t and if left unchecked you are in for a bumpy ride.

Even worse, you sure don’t want to just “pass them.”


This is one of those conditions that people just don’t like to talk about. It isn’t a “trendy” disease or as glamorous as plastic surgery.  And, it can be extremely painful.

Have you figured it out yet?  Well, it’s kidney disease and specifically kidney stones.

The symptoms are enough to lay a grown man or woman out cold! Fever, nausea, vomiting all merged with severe abdominal pain.

And what about that excruciating pain that feels like someone is thrusting a hot poker into your lower back?

All of that pales in comparison when one of those deadly little bombs works its way through your urinary tract.

If you have ever suffered from a UTI (urinary tract infection) you understand how uncomfortable that can be.  Well compound that with the symptoms described above and you can just imagine how devastating it can be.


Is there any relief in sight?


Sure, regular western medicine will prescribe manufactured chemicals that you ingest to “shrink” or “break up” the stones; or at the extreme, surgery. 

You may even be tempted by some of the so-called “remedies” that you see online or in those classified ads in the back of your favorite magazine. Good luck!

The truth of the matter is that there is no one single “cure all” that applies to everyone.  No single remedy works for each individual.  We are all different and those differences can play a role in how we react to specific treatments.

That’s why “Are You Killing Your Kidneys?” does not subscribe to one specific remedy or treatment.  Rather, we look at the disease from a broad spectrum discussing the various methods and allowing you to choose from a diverse menu of options.

For example, there is an entire segment on who is at risk for kidney disease.  There is also discussion about the root cause of kidney problems and specific dietary concerns.  Diet is probably the most significant cause of kidney disease.



Are you destroying your child’s kidneys?



Did you know that there is a genetic link to having kidney stones?  Because it is known to run from generation to generation you need to be vigilant for symptoms in yourself but your children as well. 


Are you aware that inflammatory bowel disease, high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes are all associated with kidney disease?  Pretty scary, isn’t it? 


Early detection is imperative!


When kidney disease progresses to the point where dialysis is necessary, it’s not a huge leap to begin considering kidney transplantation.

Hopefully you, or your loved one, will never have a diagnosis that requires treatment as serious as dialysis or transplantation.  But “Are You Killing Your Kidneys?” gives you tools that will help you understand how to reach a proper diagnosis. 

Any UTI is uncomfortable but it is imperative that they are not dismissed handily.  Recurring problems with UTI can be indicative of a more serious problem. 


Risk Free!

No, we can’t guarantee that you will never have kidney problems by reading “Are You Killing Your Kidneys?” But we will guarantee that you will get the answers you need to make intelligent decisions regarding treatment. 

And, we make it totally worth it with our no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

So, what have you got to lose?  There is absolutely nothing and a whole lot of peace of mind to be gained!