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Anger Management (Audio & eBook)

Anger Management (Audio & eBook)

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A Significant Breakthrough In Anger Management That May Save Your Life And That Of Your Family…



10 Steps To A New Life After Anger… Discover A Radically New Way To Beat Anger, WITHOUT Drugs and Without Therapy!



A Life Transforming Tool That May Save Your Life… And That Of Your Loved Ones


Are you interested in discovering proven methods for resolving anger before it turns to aggression?


Have you sometimes felt that anger is unavoidable, and that you had to let off steam before turning into a monster?


There are many myths and mysteries when it comes to anger. Some people believe that anger is a natural behavior, one that all humans share in a similar manner.


Truthfully, the process that transforms anger into aggression is not natural at all…


Each year thousands of people suffer from acts of aggression. Aggression may come in many different forms, and may result from many reasons. More commonly than not, violence and aggression result from someone “acting out” their anger.


Aggressive acts spurred by anger may prove life threatening, not only for you, but also for your friends and family.


Ask yourself, "How does anger affect your life?" You may express anger in many ways. Some people express anger in terms of “road rage”.


More Than 80% Of Drivers Have Been Involved In Aggressive Acts, Including Road Rage Incidents…


That’s not all. Studies also suggest that roughly 50% lash out when angry, engaging in aggressive acts that may include screaming or abusing others.


Keep reading, there is even more information on anger. Because society is changing, so too are people. There are new and even more dangerous ways people are using violence to justify their anger.


Thanks to the advent of the Internet, angry people are finding new ways to express their emotions and stress through violence even on the Web. Termed “net rage” the percentage of web users expressing frustration and anger through the Net has increased to 71% in recent years.


The good news is there are many natural approaches to healing anger, tools and techniques you can use to recognize your triggers and avoid anger before it turns into aggression.


You’ve come to just the right place to learn how to solve your anger issues before they result in violence or aggression, before you feel guilty for “acting” on your anger.


Here is just a small sample of what you’ll learn in a short, simple and easy read:



  • Five basic myths about anger, and how to overcome them.


  • The most common beliefs and misconceptions about anger, even those health professionals accept and counsel on.


  • Learn how to distinguish normal anger from problem anger, and discover ways for dealing with normal anger that are healthy and valuable.


  • Learn the #1 reason people become and stay angry, and what you can do about it.


  • Learn how to calculate the cost of anger on your life, career and relationships, and how to channel your anger into constructive thinking.


  • Learn what your anger management history consists of so you can start identifying and eliminating anger triggers and begin feeling better.


  • Discover the top 2 ways to stop feeling stuck and start healing your anger emotions in a positive and constructive manner.


  • Find out what the healthiest way is to end your struggle with anger and eliminate the tug-of-war you may experience daily.


  • Find out what the 5 components are to the anger process, and how you can gather vital information revealing the center of your anger struggle.


  • Learn how to convert trigger thoughts into healthy thoughts that will eliminate anger.


  • Learn how to manage anger by becoming an unbiased observer, and start earning back control of your life and the respect of your loved ones.


  • Discover what a mental “DVD” is and how it can help you remove anger experiences from your life forever.


And that’s not all!


Did you know if you don’t learn to control your anger and justify your aggression, you may engage in life-threatening behavior?


Worse, if you don’t learn how to control your behavior, you put your family AND your friends at risk…


Many believe anger is unavoidable… but there is hope, there is a way to “let it all out” without harming others…


Here are five common lies that exist when it comes to anger:


  • Anger is beneficial. Angry people should always express their anger through aggression.
  • Frustration is a natural side effect of anger and always leads to aggression.
  • Human beings by nature are programmed to express anger and aggression.
  • Other people cause anger, not the person who feels angry or aggressive.
  • Most angry people can control their anger if they simply act out on their emotions.Over thousands of years, man has evolved. We are equipped with the tools to address anger in a constructive, not destructive way…

Successful evolution is based on cooperation, not destructive conflict and aggression.


While you may think it is natural to fight to defend your feelings and behaviors, realistically aggression often results in destructive conflict and aggression. Acts of violence should be limited to the protection of a group or the whole, not directed toward individuals.


Research suggests there is no scientific evidence supporting the belief that humans are naturally aggressive…


Were you aware that except in rare circumstances genes do not produce people prone to violence? Violence for the most part is a learned behavior.


Ever wonder how it is that those on the receiving end of your anger get angry too? That’s because they are on the receiving end of an angry outburst, one that poisons relationships and may climax to physical violence.


People prone to anger typically experience outbursts triggered by events. The results may include shouting, screaming and physical violence.


One Of Every Five Workers Is At Risk For An Aggressive Act By An Angry Coworker…


Have you ever wondered why so many people are acting out? It’s because they “think” acting out is the best way to control their anger.


Are you one of those people that act anger out? Have you ever wondered why people shy away from you? It’s because “acting out” is not a proper form of expression.


Fortunately, there is a wonderful new way to release your anger and bring peace and harmony into your home and workplace…




Anger Management:

What To Do When Anger Becomes A Problem


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Find Out How You Can Stop Anger Before It Turns Into Aggression, And Bring Peace And Harmony Into Your Life And That Of Your Loved Ones…


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Don’t let anger continue to control you life unnecessary. Anger doesn’t have to turn into aggression. You can use proven tools and techniques for releasing anger in healthy and normal ways.


You are just one step away from resolving anger and aggression for the rest of your life permanently. CLICK HERE and you can instantly download your digital copy of our one-of-a-kind guide, Anger Management, for just pennies on the dollar.


Here are some other exciting tools you will learn when you invest in this life-changing guide:


  • Learn what the 4 steps of acceptance are, and how to use them to respond to anger with forgiveness and compassion.
  • Discover tools for acknowledging your feelings and expressing them in a normal and healthy way.
  • Find out how to dispel your anger armor so you can welcome friends and family back into your life without fear and mistrust.
  • Uncover the top 6 myths about acceptance, and learn how acceptance really affects your emotions and feelings.
  • Discover the #1 strategy that will help you take control of your life, so you don’t become your anger, and instead you start experiencing and observing your life from the outside in…Learn how you can ride the wave of your anger rather than be tumbled by it. Visualize your ability to transform your anger into healthy sentiments and expressions.This guide will help teach you how to detach your thoughts and emotions from angry feelings, so you don’t have to get aggressive when you feel angry. You can learn how to transform your thoughts into positive and meaningful expressions. Is it that easy? It is, when you invest in yourself and your life. The best part? There is NO RISK. Order your copy of Anger Management in the next 24 hours, and we’ll provide you with our unconditional guarantee. We are so convinced this guide will help you and those around you, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.Order In The Next 24 Hours And Receive A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee… No Questions, No Hard Feelings

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This guide is for any individual suffering from anger, or any family member or friend interested in helping a friend cope with anger and aggression in a positive light. This book has proved life changing not for one, but for many:


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For a limited time we are able to offer our guide for the low introductory price of just $19.95. This tiny investment may save you thousands of dollars in therapy…


Learn how to cope with anger in a simple and healthy manner and learn how to stop struggling with daily anger and aggression…


Remember the mind is a powerful tool in your fight against anger. Start learning how to use your mind to resolve anger before it turns to aggression. Anger doesn’t have to control you; you can control your anger.


Bring compassion and love into your life by discovering real strategies for resolving aggression before it turns to violence and bad behavior.



Wishing you the best in your journey toward recovery…






P.S. – When you order within the next 24 hours, don’t forget you will receive our unconditional, 60-day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason at all you do not like what you see or can’t use the tools in this guide, just send us an email and we’ll refund your money. It really IS that easy.


P.P.S. – Remember, up to 80% of people will experience aggression at some point in their lives. Don’t let anger ruin your life. Download Your Copy of Anger Management and learn how to cope with anger in a healthy, unobtrusive way. Your life may depend on it!



Stop Coping With Anger And Aggression… And Start LIVING