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Amazing Magic Tricks YOU Can Do (Audio & eBook)

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“Show Us Another Trick!”

Do You Love to Entertain?

Are You Always Looking for a New Trick to Learn?

Would You Like to Start Learning Magic Tricks?

YOU Can Be the Life of the Party and Have Everyone Saying "HOW Did You DO That?!"

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Magic Aficiando,

Do you love the thrill of performing a magic trick in front of amazed friends and family? Are you working on your skills so you can perform more smoothly or just want to know how to get started in the first place?

Magicians have a long history of captivating and amazing audiences. If you have always wished you could have the mystique of a magician or simply love to entertain, you too can learn tricks that turn everyday objects into attention drawing performances!

 “WOW Your Friends and Family!”

No matter whether you're 9 or 99, magic tricks appeal to every age group and are easy to learn. Bring a shy child out of their shell or entertain a room full of party-goers - simple tricks can do wonders to relax and engage people of all sorts.

And once you've learned the basics, you can change your routines to come up with new and unique tricks that surprise and delight your audience! 

The key to getting great results is practice, practice, practice - but first you need the proper instructions so YOU can learn to master the art of performing magic tricks on the spot...

 "Amazing Magic Tricks YOU CAN Do!”

No matter what your current skill level, these basic instuctions will help you master the basics so your routines look effortless!

Want an extra push? Learn how to take your skills to a new level by learning how to attract and keep your audience wanting more...

Amazing Magic Tricks YOU CAN Do! (or 'How to Amaze Your Friends')…

    • Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks?
Are you just fascinated with how tricks work or do you love to entertain? Why do magic tricks appeal to you?

      • What Are the Easiest Tricks to Learn?
    If this is your first attempt at learning tricks, where should you begin?
      • The Key to Magic - Sleight-of-Hand
    How does sleight-of-hand make tricks work and how can you become proficient at it?
      • What is an Illusion?
    What's the difference between magic and illusion? How does illusion help magicians fool their audience?
      • Easy Money Tricks Using Bills    
    Fascinating tricks that are sure to get a rise out of the owner while amazing them at the same time!
      • Easy Money Tricks Using Coins
    Tricks using this most convienent tool are easy to do anytime, anywhere
      • Easy Magic Tricks Using Scarves and Handkerchiefs
    Adding these to your routine will add flare and style!
      • Fun and Simple Card Tricks    
    Great for getting audience participation and as general party fare
      • Fascinating Rope Tricks
    Add this unusual tool to your entertainment repitoire!
      • Cups and Balls Routines    
    Training to perform for money? These routines are great eye catchers!
      • Simple Elastic Tricks
    These tricks are as amusing to perform as to watch    
      • Fun Dice Tricks
    Turn a simple game into a memorable experience with dice tricks!
      • Tips for Becoming a True Entertainer
    Part of the skill of performing magic tricks is learning how to BE an entertainer
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • How Much Practice Will it Take?
    Don't ruin the trick without proper time spent practicing - find out how long you should practice before showing off your tricks
    • How Many Tricks Should You Perform?
    Make sure your tricks are ALWAYS in demand - learn how to read an audience and leave them wanting more!

     “Is YOUR Hand Quicker than the Eye?”

    Do you have what it takes to keep the audience amazed? If that's what you crave then you need the information to learn the basic tricks magicians use! 

    Family dinners, kids parties, business gatherings - watch them smile in amazement when you share your skills with the crowd!

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    Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!



    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘Amazing Magic Tricks YOU Can Do' means one more day of missing the perfect opportunity to amuse and entertain. If you have a passion for magic tricks there's only one place to start - get 'Amazing Magic Tricks YOU Can Do!' Today!