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Adoption Today (Audio, eBook, & Video Versions)

Adoption Today (Audio, eBook, & Video Versions)

Adopting a Child with Special needs

There are many children out there that have special needs. As a result it does make it harder for them to be placed in an adoptive home. While every parent does wish for a healthy child both physically and mentally, taking care of such a child can be an extremely rewarding experience. There have been heartbreaking stories of couples that give a child up for adoption due to it being born with some type of special need. There are also adoptive parents that refuse to take home a child that isn’t healthy in all ways.

If you decide you are willing to adopt a child with special needs, you will need to evaluate what you are willing to take on. There are many different types of physical and mental disabilities that a child can have. There is also the factor of paying for their treatment and the time it will take to properly care for such a child. This isn’t a role that is right for everyone. You definitely need to make sure you know what you are getting yourself involved with.
Due to the nature of care for children with special needs, the majority of them are placed with the Department of Human Services. Contact them to express your interest in adopting a special needs child. They will likely require you to complete a variety of forms as well as classes. They want to be sure you will have the necessary skills for caring for a particular child. They may require you to take that special needs child into your home for a set period of time under foster care.
You will work with a social worker that comes in regularly to evaluate the situation and to provide support. Should things be going well and you do want to continue with the adoption process they can help you with it. Depending on the laws in that state you may be eligible for assistance when you adopt a special needs child. This is generally offered in the way of medical assistance to be sure their needs in that area don’t become a burden that you can’t meet financially.

This is also important as the extent of the special needs for the child may not be fully realized yet. The younger a child is the higher the risk is that there will be additional needs that are diagnosed later on. This is something you definitely need to be aware of if you are considering adopting a child with special needs.

You can also choose to adopt a child with special needs through private adoption. This can be more complex though and you won’t have ongoing support as you will through the Department of Human Services. However, if you have a great attorney on your side you can get the representation that you will need.
Many people that wish to adopt realize there are plenty of special needs children out there that need a loving home. They are willing to offer it even though they realize it will be a challenge. Yet it will also be a very rewarding experience and it can help them to get a child into their home in less time. If you feel this is something you would like to do, then find out more about it. Too many children with special needs never get adopted, and you can make sure at least one of them does.

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