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A Guide To Planning The Perfect Party (Audio & eBook)

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“Can I Come to the Party?”

Are You Responsible for Hosting a Special Event?

Do You Love to Make EVERY Occassion Memorable?

Do You Want to Show Your Friends a GREAT Time?

Plan a Party They'll Be Talking About for YEARS!

 Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Party Planner,

How exciting it is to plan a party for the ones you love! No matter what the event, you know how special they will feel when they see all the work and thought put into the event. Big or small, the special touches you've added will be remembered for a long time. But then, HOW exactly will you pull it off?

Will it get too expensive? Will some people come dressed up and others casual? Should you rent items? What type of decoration is needed? For many people the amount of time and effort invested is daunting. When you have no idea where to start or how to make sure it is special, you may feel you're in over your head and worry it will be a disaster...but it doesn't have to be!

 “What an Amazing Party!”

You can be sure that with a little help your guests will be saying these words loud and clear. If you make all the right decisions to keep your party on budget, set the right mood, pick the right entertainment you can plan to enjoy yourself along with your guests!

Much of the success of your party will depend on the decisions you make while planning it. Make life a lot easier by following the steps party planners do - once you get it organized, the party is sure to be a winner!

So before you book the band or start blowing up balloons, get some ideas to help you plan your party in...

 "A Guide to Planning the Perfect Party”

Regardless of if this is your first party or your fifteenth, or if it's for your eight year old son or his eighty-four year old grandfather - you'll be sure to feel more confident in your planning with the help of this guide.

Even if you've done it all before there's always a new idea or solution to making your party run smoother or be more memorable. All you have to do is read...

A Guide to Planning the Perfect Party (and Making it a Memorable Occassion!)…

    • What Preparations Should You Make for a Party?
What needs to be planned in advance? Have you forgotten anything?

      • What Kind of Party Will You Host?
    A big factor in how successful your party will be is the type of party you host - here are some great ideas.
      • How Much Will Your Party Cost?
    Ever got started planning a party only to be shocked at the cost of caterers, decorations or rentals? Here's what to expect.
      • Will Your Party Have a Theme?
    Soemtimes a theme can be a great conversation starter or way to acknowledge your guest of honor - what kind of theme might you choose?
      • What is Your Party Dress Code?    
    Help your guests feel comfortable by giving them a clue as to the proper attire for the occassion.
      • Ideas for Party Decorations
    There's more to decorating than balloons and tissue paper - what kind of ideas could really add style to your party location?
      • Ideas for Party Entertainment
    DJ, clowns, comics or even belly dancers! What type of entertainment would YOUR guests enjoy?
      • Tips for Party Rentals    
    Rentals can be costly but can also make preparations easy, stylish and a cinch to clear up - here's what to consider.
      • How Long Should the Party Last?
    Don't want the party to end too early or too late? Here's how to plan the timing so your guests are satisfied and anxious to come back for more!
      • Who Will You Invite to the Party?    
    A careful consideration of who should be invited can help make certain the party is a great one!
      • Tips for Choosing Drinks for the Party
    Need help deciding what to stock and what to offer? Here's help.    
      • Tips for Hosting a Children's Party
    Want to host an amazing children's party? Here's ideas and suggestions to make sure it's a fun and less stressful one!
      • How to Schedule Your Party Preparations
    Once you know what needs to be done, plan a schedule so it all comes together at the right time.
    What You’ll Also Get…
    • Creative Party Invitation Ideas
    Can't think past the dollar store invitations? Get some great ideas to tempt your guests!
    • Easy Party Menu Ideas
    Whether it's for 10 or 200, find menu ideas that will work for your party goers!

     “Is it Time to Get Your Party Jumping?”

    Sure it is! Your guests are bound to have a great time and have lots of things to laugh and talk about! 

    Wedding, reunion, bon voyage - whatever type of party you're throwing will be even greater when it's planned properly. No skyrocketing costs, boring entertainment or early departures at YOUR gig!

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    Rich PLR


    P.S. Don’t forget that another day without using the advice available in ‘A Guide to Planning the Perfect Party' means one more day of worry that your guests won't have a great time at your party. If you want to make sure they're looking forward to your next party, get your copy of  'A Guide to Planning the Perfect Party'' Today!