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A Definitive Guide to Dental Health

A Definitive Guide to Dental Health

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Keeping Your Teeth True or False


Been a Long Time Since Your Last Visit to The Dentist?

Is Your Breath Becoming an Embarrassment? Are You Having Trouble With Bleeding Gums?


You Need “A Definitive Guide to Dental Health”


Dear Reader,

Maybe it sounds like you are being picked on but that’s not the truth. The reason you are reading this is because of an epidemic that is sweeping the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people are ignoring their dental health. You may be one of them. If you are a parent you most likely make sure your children get their dentist visits regardless of the cost or sacrifice to your budget.

However, with the shrinking economy most adults have either lost or chosen to cancel dental insurance for their own needs. Is this a wise decision? Of course not, but we all do what we need to do to survive, don’t we?

That’s why we are talking to you today. We get it. You are neglecting your own needs because you feel you just can’t afford the dentist. Hopefully, you are at least taking care to brush and floss daily. That can help.

However what we want to discuss is not the normal every day problem of cavities although we do discuss dental decay in depth.

By ignoring your dental health you are also leaving yourself wide open for any number of other devastating dental diseases. That’s what we are discussing today.

There are serious dental diseases that you just can’t ignore regardless of the cost. “A Definitive Guide to Dental Health” outlines the symptoms and what you should do if you believe you have the condition or how to avoid it altogether. Take a look at what is covered:


Periodontal Disease - Most commonly known as gum disease, this is a treatable condition.  Learn how to control or even prevent this infection of the bone and skin.

Osteoporosis and Jaw Bone Disease – Bet you never thought to put these two together, did you? Discover what else is thrown into this unpredictable mix.

Dangers Of Oral Piercing – Okay, we get it. This isn’t going to make us very popular with the younger set. There is no logical reason for piercing. Unfortunately, the bad news about oral piercing never gets the same exposure as the so-called esthetical benefits. Learn for yourself how dangerous it can be.

To Whiten or Not to Whiten Your Teeth – Ah, that IS the question. Get the inside info on this common new practice.

Hyperdontia and Oligodontia – Now you see them, now you don’t. See what these conditions are all about!

If you have ever considered the possibility of Dental Implants get the answers to your questions in this chapter. Find out if this procedure is for you. For instance, did you know the failure rate for implants in a smoker is much higher as opposed to a non-smoker?

Another conditions that many people don’t even realize they have is TMJ or Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder. It is possible to have this disorder for some time without realizing it exists. This is just another good reason for having “A Definitive Guide to Dental Health” in your digital library.

Without sounding like a broken record another topic that is covered is smoking. Yes, smoking does have a toll on dental health and we show you how that happens.

Saddest of all are instances of Oral Cancer. Of all individuals who are diagnosed with the disease, around 66% are diagnosed late. In fact the diagnosis is no late that it has gone to stage 3 or 4.

If it does nothing else, a copy of “A Definitive Guide to Dental Health” might give you enough insight to see a potential disaster in the making. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or a loved one, the small cost could reap a lifetime of thanks.

That leads us to your decision time. We aren’t going to give you a bunch of hype here. You already know if you’ve been avoiding the dentist. Remember, dental health is about more than just flossing and brushing.

Get the answers to the other possibilities that might be lurking inside your mouth or that of a loved one.

The cost is negligible when weighed against a lifetime. Besides, there is no risk involved. We take the burden of risk away.

If you are unhappy with the content and feel that you have received no benefit whatsoever from reading “A Definitive Guide to Dental Health” we’ll refund your price 100%.

That’s way more than enough reason to grab your copy now. Go ahead. It’s risk-free!







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